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Ginesys retail software covers entire multi-channel retail management from procurement of inventory to point-of-sale. It includes production, sales & distribution, customer loyalty, and accounting.

Read more about how the software works in a retail chain, manufacturing unit or trading unit by exploring the product menu.


The journey from a fledgling to full-fledged giant is not easy and requires dedication and smartness in equal measure. Businesses who place equal importance on their IT and on their business strategy succeed. We work with large businesses in supporting their expansion and controlling their bottom-line but we have also helped numerous start-ups become icons of their industry.


Your Organization, Your Way

  • Mix retailing formats like COCO, FOFO, MBO and SIS
  • Flexible organization structure with multiple operating units, cost centers, sites, stock points
  • Categorize and define inventory. Customize documents and reports.

Set the Pace

  • Local data entry and real-time sync with head
  • Office Quick deployment using templates
  • Desktop software with keyboard shortcuts for rapid operation

Know it all, now

  • Dashboard with key indicators on processes, stocks, sales, campaigns, profits
  • Reports in real-time from every part of your supply-chain
  • Reach out via SMS alerts on custom triggers

Stitch it all together

  • Integrated with Analytics, Loyalty, Production, Finance, Replenishment, Payment gateways
  • Mobile and E-commerce extensions help to reach customer across channels
  • Oracle, SAP integrations allow for major ERP functionality

Powerful Request Management

  • Simple and aesthetic point of sale, easy to setup and update
  • Unlimited user-defined reporting by simple drag and drop operations
  • Bulk data import and export possible

Feel the power

  • Roles and user-based access at module level
  • Permissions can be restricted to function-level within a module based on profile
  • Encrypted data exchange

Grow with the flow

  • No slow down even if you increase SKUs, stores, users
  • Can handle more very heavy transaction rate due to decentralized nature

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