Analytics and Dashboard

Data is a natural resource in modern retail. Analyzing voluminous data, customers, business across the markets and assimilating the data with supply chain, marketing, merchandising to discover the profit in real time is the need of the hour. Every organization be it in form of departmental store, supermarket
chains to single store, are striving hard to streamlining the business operations along with reducing the
maintaining costs.

Is Real-time Data all that Important?

Everyday a decision deferred can translate to lost sales and margin erosion in the retail world. Retail world is striving hard to deliver best customer experience and retain the customer. Real time information
of the inventory, carrying cost is indispensable in the modern world.

Retail Data Analytics and Graphical Dashboard

Ginesys Analytics Dashboard Suite powered by QlikView, a global leading company in data analytics is integrated with Ginesys ERP & Point-of-Sale, is a graphical web-based tool, which enables you to take business decisions on the move, by simply clicking through interactive graphical dashboards. It empowers your retail with real time information anytime, anywhere.

  • Analyzing current trends and pattern and thereby enhancing the productivity of the organization, customers, stakeholders
  • Identifying the Right product at the right place at the right time to enhance the customer relationship
  • Detects and prevent fraud and thereby reduces the risk
  • Eliminate Excel for reporting along with all the associated manual work and errors

Analysis made easy

  • Web and mobile-based analytics
  • Automatic extract, transform and load (ETL)
  • Incorporate data from other sources
  • Live graphs and images
  • Share sessions
  • Use filters to narrow down your search

Retail Analytics

  • Simple Excel Pivot table based analysis tool only for POS data
  • Can be used to generate Excel and PDF
  • Can add / remove columns
  • Can view as chart
  • Can allocate reports to store which can be viewed at the store

Fixed Reports

When a simple register or quick standard analysis is needed, fixed reports are your best ally. There are more than 50 fixed registers in the retail ERP which help normal users with data in few-clicks.

Document Customization

Sales invoices, receipt notes, delivery notes, tax forms need to be customized as per customer requirements. This is easily handled by the ERP

  • Custom documents for all modules
  • Store multiple formats of the document for specific usage
  • Change the POS bill format by just uploading it on the head-office server

Alerts Engine

Alerts are useful for when you are away from the system. Timely alerts help you maintain better relationships with your customers, vendors and other business partners. Ginesys Retail ERP offers a fully-customizable notification system via SMS and e-mail.

  • SMS alerts from the ERP can be defined for any trigger e.g. vendor payment released
  • E-mail alerts and reports can be sent to any contact in contact list
  • Send alert / notification to a group of contacts
  • Select data relevant to the contact when generating report to e-mail
  • Schedule emails and SMS to send periodic alerts
  • Flexible scheduling

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