Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty needs the following ingredients: customer data collection, data analytics and finally rewarding loyal customers. Customer loyalty and customer experience has become almost a must have for succesful retailing. It is about analyzing customer behaviour to come up with better schemes and more profitable sales. Ginesys has an inbuilt customer loyalty module as well as supporting outsourcing of other services like

Analytics and Promotions via partners. Our current loyalty partner is EasyRewardz.

Fraud-proof loyalty redemptions

An important aspect of loyalty that often does not get highlighted is that chances of fraud are high at the time of redeeming the loyalty / CRM points. CRM data can also be misused by employees. Ginesys blocks these as the redemptions checks current points on a live central database and the points are redeemed from the same database. CRM data is securely exchanged and stored.


  • Simple customer tagging
  • Ability to use cards as well as mobiles
  • Receive advances, deposits and make refunds
  • Create different membership schemes
  • Product, Category-based earnings multiples
  • Allow or block redemption of points on promotional items
  • Real-time redemption
  • One-time password for redemption
  • Dynamic vouchers and coupons only for targeted customers at the point of sale
  • Search, add, tag customer in bill
  • Mass upload of customer data
  • Customer purchase history view
  • Customer migration to another level / tier
  • Category based targeted promotions
  • Mobile Applications


  •  Customer Retention
  •  New customer acquisition
  •  Customer segmentation
  • Weed out unprofitable customers
  • Attempt to regain irregular customers
  • Increase Customer Life cycle graph
  • Selection of stock lines effectively

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