Wholesale & Distribution

Sales and Distribution (S&D) is the most flexible module in Ginesys and this is really needed as retail today needs to engage with multiple channels. Franchise expansion has introduced franchise management with terms like COCO, COFO, FOFO etc, then there are distributors, agencies,
dropshippers, distribution centers and more. To manage this complexity, a comprehensive sales order
and distribution system is needed as part of the retail software.

Customer Definition

  • Customer definition with class, agent and ledger
  • Customer setup with credit days, invoice term, discount and price list
  • Multiple sites for single customer possible


Fast Wholesale or Bulk Sales

  • Set Price Rule definition based on assortments
  • Inclusive of tax, without tax billing
  • Flat price sales
  • Outright, consignment, sale-on-return possible
  • Primary and secondary sales and inventory tracking possible
  • Sales order tracking system along with order amendment and cancellation
  • Sales order for outright, consignment along with authorization system
  • Branch-wise and sale-type VAT / sales tax registers
  • Sales invoice – against multiple delivery challans (delivery notes)
  • Sales return tracking against invoice on FIFO/ LIFO/ manual basis
  • Sales C Forms, F Forms tracking with reminder letters

Flexible Dispatch

  • Supports multiple branches, warehouse or distribution units
  • Delivery note (delivery challan) entry through item scan, item select or Excel import
  • Intelligent alerts on ordering, delivery and invoicing
  • Delivery scheduling and sales planning
  • Delivery against multiple orders, invoice against multiple delivery

Integration with Point of Sales

  • Multiple business arrangements – COFO, FOFO, Shop in Shops etc.
  • Integration with internal / external POS systems
  • Inter-stock point package transfers between warehouses
  • Allocate and electronically send master data to stores

Track Stock in Transit

  • Stock transfer order tracking along with authorization
  • Transfer cost on MRP, WSP, FIFO Cost, Std Cost etc.
  • Track pipeline stock across supply chain, including allocated and in-transit stocks
  • Logistics / Permit tracking for transfers and accounts integration
  • Activity based definition of each step of stock transfer from warehouse to shop from bar code level to carton level
  • Can generate master barcode for a carton or good

Receive Stock Easily

  • Tracking for shortage / excess and transfer reconciliation
  • Package creation against STO, item select, item Scan, GRC, Transfer In or Excel Import
  • Receipt reconciliation through package barcodes, item scan or manual tagging
  • Alerts for in-transit at destination, if transfer exceeds normal transit days

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