A good sign of being an ‘organized retailer’ is maintaining accounts in the retail ERP. Retail software typically does not have integrated accounts and if it does then the integration is too costly. Sometimes the accounting is too basic. Ginesys account is used by a range of companies with turnover from Rs. 10 Cr to 800 Cr. It is a fully integrated end-to-end system with budget allocations and automatic posting to accounts for every transaction and automatic roll-up. Most clients have experienced a saving of at least 24 man-months of accountant’s time after implementing Ginesys financial package along with the inventory management.

  • Sales, distribution & procurement is well integrated with accounts
  • Multi-level chart of accounts. Cost center is a central concept.
  • Cash flow from POS is automatically entered in accounting
  • Track petty cash expenses at stores
  • Cost center-wise  (Site-wise) Revenue & expenditure analysis is easy with inbuilt reports
  • Set up budgets and track the variance at general ledger level
  • Tax deduction at source (TDS) is an important yet tricky subject in Indian accounting. Ginesys eases this by ensuring the right TDS for each service order.
  • Complete debtors and creditors functions for all customer and vendor transactions
  • Authorize a transaction and then post it
  • Create separate accounting calendar. Year end process is simple and efficient
  • Keeping track  of post-dated cheque . Print cheques from the software
  • Automatically email outstanding reports to customers and statements to vendors
  • All standard accounting reports like trail balance, profit and loss statement, balance sheet can be generated
  • Calculation of interest to be charged on outstanding balance
  • Easy to find and adjust documents when doing reconciliation
  • Supports various numbering schemes for transactions and voucher entries
  • Recalculating Tax on POS bills made easy and automated
  • Get stock valuation at a click
  • Stock management is easy with audit and adjustment entries. Split stock. Convert items to show consumptions

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