Manufacturing ERP for Complex Production Scenarios

Manufacturing, especially garment manufacturing, is one of the most complex aspects of retail as it involves creating products from raw materials, labour, energy and equipment. All these resources need
to be managed by the production management system. Today, some part of the manufacturing is
invariably outsourced to other contractors (also known as job-workers), even though this simplifies the
production aspect but it increases the complexity of managing inventory and work-in-progress.

Ginesys Production can work in both ways, as a simple sequential production module and in an advanced
mode for tracking job-work and in-house manufacturing.

Production Planning

Any ERP needs a proper production plan which is called production order. This is created based on sales or stock plan. The manufacturing solution enables you to:


Production Management and Control

  • Use wizard for simple scenarios
  • Accurate tracking of finished materials against manufacturing order
  • Manage production lead time and scheduled completion time
  • Process, contractor, article, item-wise rates and service invoice tracking
  • Separation of work-in-progress from stock and its management
  • Seamless accounts integration

Complex manufacturing situations

  • Alternate article creation at time of receipt from contractor
  • Add ad-hoc processes at any step which were not foreseen
  • Reprocess of finished goods
  • Clear pending work-in-progress easily

Garment Manufacturing

Apparels manufacturing is Ginesys’ specialization, as it involved sequential as well as parallel discrete
processes. It is frequently a cause for losses as work in progress is usually abandoned as wastage if
someone is not dedicated to audit and improvement. In India garment manufacturing has improved by
leaps and bounds to cater to the export market as well as the domestic market.

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