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Coupons Engine

Coupons and Offers Engine

Drive sales with a hyper personalized offers and coupons engine

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Offerio allows you to create coupons, offers, and vouchers for your customers. These can be real-time or batch created coupons so that you can drive precise traffic to your store or website.

Flexible Coupons

Most flexible coupons engine ever

You can create bill-level, product-level, category-level as well store-level vouchers. This allows for very precise offers on a combination of customer or customer segment, product categories and stores or websites. These offers can be dynamically generated or created in bulk in advance and issued.

Generic Vouchers

Create personalized or generic vouchers

Unique vouchers specific to customers and prospects can be created and tracked. Using this offer management tool, you can design, control, and deliver offers across multiple digital channels throughout the customer’s buying journey. This allows you to acquire new customers and reactivate existing ones.

Redeem Offers

Redeem offers at POS

Integration with Ginesys POS, Zwing POS and other POS systems allows coupons to be instantly redeemed and correctly applied at the cash counter with the correct promotion discount.

Ecommerce Store

Integrate with your Ecommerce store

The app can be integrated with leading ecommerce platforms to ensure realtime redemption for e-commerce as well ensuring a great customer experience online that could be driven by season or other promotional events.

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Software for your kind of Business

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