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Journey Builder

Journey Builder

Personalize and automate your customer engagement at all touch points

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Today consumers are available via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Social and private messaging. But running campaigns for all consumers of the brand across all channels in sync is expensive, wasteful and generic. Instead imagine you can send a personalised message to every consumer based on what their last interaction was and where they are in their purchase journey.

This is communication for the future with Journify.

Cross Channel Workflows

Get out of the communication mess with cross channel workflows

Journify helps create workflows for the various journeys that customers may take until they complete the shopping and based on their action it can trigger the right offer, message, and content to drive the customer to complete their purchase.


Triggers across all interactions

Journeys can be created around offline store visits, online behavior, product purchase, RFM, social media responses, etc., and around any of the touchpoints that the customer comes across while interacting with your brand.

Automated Communication

Automated communication without losing any sleep

As a brand manager you can keep your messaging on point across all channels and totally personalized by creating various journey templates and also drive purchases. This ensures automation is driving return on marketing spend.

Software for your kind of Business - New

Software for your kind of Business

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