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About Us

Connecting Futures: Simpler, Faster, Bigger

Retelling retail with the finest minds in IT and Retail domains.

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Ginesys One was born from a simple belief: retail is complex and changing fast, growing companies need simplified integrated products that help them move faster.

Ginesys One provides a complete tech solution to your needs whether you are selling online or offline and allows you to manage from anywhere.

The core of the One platform is our cloud based ERP which is retail specific so it does not need to be customized heavily. Already integrated POS software, Ecommerce Apps and Order management systems truly enable selling. Ginesys is a retail specific ERP software which covers the entire retail value chain from manufacturing to distribution to retail.

Made in India for India and the World

Our customers’ trust us because - we talk their language! We have worked extensively with our customers to build this product for them. Let’s create something great together.

Meet the Team

Prashant Lohia
Founder , CEO

An avid marathoner who knows building great businesses require stamina.He is an All India Topper in the CFA Program , is a Chartered Accountant and MBA in Finance & Systems. He is passionate about product design and under his vision Ginesys is today the leader in mid-market retail solutions. His business acumen and far-reaching vision has ensured strong fundamentals for the company.

Soumyadip Bhattacharya
Head of Integrations

He has been instrumental in keeping the one product vision steady and hopes to make this into the best that India has to offer to the world. Loves photography and food as well as criticism, i.e. user feedback, of his creation. Prior to Ginesys, Soumyadip was an ERP Techno-Functional consultant having exposure in Large & SME scale ERP implementation in the APAC region.

Rohit Khetan
Head of Marketing & Strategy

He is an MBA (Oxford University) and a computer engineering graduate (R.V. College of Engineering). Post MBA he was working as a marketing and digital strategy consultant in UK for startups as well as large corporations. He has been selected as one of 'Top 100 retail professionals in India' at Asia Retail Congress. He has been instrumental in giving birth to the standardized Ginesys brand.

Harsh Nahata
Chief Operations

He is a mini-computer and full of ideas. He loves to travel and the outdoors. Customers love his all-encompassing problem-solving abilities and his eagerness to help. A one-man troubleshooting army who has built up our implementation and support team.

Rajarshi Basuroy
Chief Technology Officer

Music and coding go hand-in-hand or so he would like us to believe. An ex tech leader on the FACT product he is sweating it out on the keyboard to make Ginesys as stable on the cloud as it is on-premise. He has been the architect of all versions of Ginesys.

Jitendra Vyas
Head of Acquisition

An exercise buff who eats, drinks and sleeps business. His dream is to get Ginesys in every mall globally. He has single-handedly developed the North and West markets for Ginesys in India. A chartered accountant who naturally loves sales numbers, his next target is to reach 1000 customers in the next 3 years.

Siddharth Bhojnagarwala
Head of Product

Siddharth is a technophile who likes to relax by chilling on a beach. He has studied software design with the sole purpose of creating the best retail software in the market. He has his finger on the customer's pulse and completely understands how customers need the product to function. Having performed in all areas of delivery, the raison d'être of Siddharth is to come up with the most appropriate features to solve retail business challenges.

Rishabh Shukla
Business Head-Zwing

A trivia expert and geek, there’s nothing trivial about his brainchild - ZWING, Ginesys’ next-gen POS. This geek wants to change the way we shop and put in place high-tech alchemy in the guise of the simplest of apps. His dream is to make mobile POS the new normal!

Arjun Roy
Co-Founder and Advisor

Part of the barmy army of football league fans. As charged up on the football field as when solving complex operational issues. By the way, he is also an Oracle certified expert. He is currently finding interesting applications which can become part of the product suite.

Nikhil Raghavan
Investor and Director

Formerly a principal at the Bain Capital, a US-based private equity fund, he has set up a PE fund - Marathon Edge - in 2018, that invests in Indian tech, consumer, and healthcare services companies. He is an MBA (The Wharton School) and a BAS (Stanford University). Prior to working in the fundraising industry, he had been associated with the Boston Consulting Group.

Prakash Chellam
Investor Advisor

Prakash holds an MBA degree from IIM-Ahemadabad. Successfully led business development across continental Europe, for Infosys. Entered the investment world with JM Financial, as a lead for Technology Investment Banking.

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