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Sales Incentive is now a Hassle Free Process

Sales Incentive is now a Hassle Free Process
March 26, 2014
1 Minute
Sales Incentive is now a Hassle Free Process

In-store salesperson productivity is imperative to the success of any retailer. Sales Incentive calculations are very intricate and to manage such complex calculations is a tedious task. It is becomes very difficult for retailers to maintain location wise sales incentive as they strive to balance the incentive compensation strategy.

Ginesys has the option where one can design and implement the Sales Incentive scheme as an HO controlled process. Salesman Incentive will be calculated based on ‘Amount’ and ‘Percent’ basis as provided in allocated assortment. Only HO-approved schemes and assortment will be taken into account for salesman incentive calculation. Calculations can take place only at the HO for the settled date of any store; thereby reducing the risk of manual error at multiple locations.

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